Outdoor play is a great help to children's development! There are many different types of play equipment, from timeless to innovative, the choice is vast. Here are some of the main categories.

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Combined games


Spring sets

Rotating elements

Floor markings



Tyrolean traverse

Balancing course

Climbing elements

Water and sand

Fun panels

Play tables

Kit Ludik


Who to target with games

As an adult, it's important to take a step back and listen to your inner child when choosing a game.

The technical features of a play set help to clearly define its age of use (drop height, ease of access, proposed activities, etc.).

Where to install the games?

Environment: This will determine the choice of materials for the playground equipment, to ensure successful integration and durability.

Access: To make getting around easier, high-quality access will help make your playground more inclusive. PRMs and strollers must be able to access activities easily.

Safety: Roads, parking lots and water features such as lakes and streams are all hazards in the direct vicinity of the play area. Fencing that complies with playground standards will make the site safer and make it easier for supervisors to keep an eye on things.

Which materials to use?

We're happy to advise and support you in your choice of materials for your play areas (stainless steel, HPL panels, natural Robinia wood, recycled materials...).

The quality of a playground is also judged by its ability to last over time, which is why we choose equipment designed to ensure intensive use over several decades.

We pay particular attention to choosing products that are sustainable, respectful of our environment and always fun for young and old alike.