Project creation from A to Z

Starting with an idea, exchanging ideas and working together to bring your project to fruition - that's what Top Jeux SA has been offering since 1994.

We put all our know-how and energy at your disposal to support you in the process of creating and building your playgrounds and sports areas.

Our different teams carry out virtually all the work, without subcontracting, to ensure optimal organization of the sites.

Photo of a man with his back to two computers

1. Study phase

Photo of children playing in a playground

2. Project presentation

Photo of excavators digging a hole in a field

3. Digging and site preparation

Photo of a machine setting up a playground

4. Game installation

Photo of a machine making concrete

5. Concrete foundations

Photo of a man making a shock-absorbing surface for a playground

6. Creating the damping surface

7. Opening of the site to the public

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