Combined games

Climbing, sliding, hiding and more. Multi-activity structures are a concentrate of games and challenges, much appreciated in playgrounds. Suitable for all ages, Top jeux offers a multitude of combinations to suit your project and your children's desires.

Here are just a few examples of the many possibilities.

Structure 1

Structure 2

Structure 3

Structure 4

Structure 5

Structure 6

Structure 7

Structure 8

Structure 9

Structure 10

Structure 11

Structure 12

Structure 13

Structure 14 (Giant)

Structure 15

Structure 16

Structure 17 (Mini)

Structure 18 (Mini)

Structure 19 (Mini)

Structure 20 (Mini)

Structure 21

Structure 22

Structure 23 (Giant)

Structure 24

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A few examples of our work

Onex-Village School, Onex

Complete redevelopment of the play area, with the main aim of eliminating asphalt areas as far as possible.


Fleurimage Park, Versoix

Replacement of all the park's play areas, with the addition of a new area dedicated to swings.


Route du Mandement, Satigny

Creation of a new play area with water games and an artificial river, including games and furniture in natural wood.