Fitness & cardio

With body weight as the only resistance, these modules are perfectly adapted to provide access to sport for all, in a gentle, fun way.

Single, double or triple machines, a wide range of configurations are possible.

You can even recharge your mobile phone while you practice!

Here are just a few examples of the many possibilities.

Fitness and cardio 1

Fitness and cardio 2

Fitness and cardio 3

Fitness and cardio 4

Fitness and cardio 5

Fitness and cardio 6

Fitness and cardio 7

Fitness and cardio 8

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A few examples of our work

Center Sportif de Rouelbeau, Meinier

Creation of a sports area with a workout structure and fitness equipment.


Route de Founex, Céligny

A complete overhaul of the park, with the installation of picnic furniture, fitness equipment and a street workout structure for the sports area, as well as numerous games for the youngest visitors.


Route du Mandement, Satigny

Creation of a new play area with water games and an artificial river, including games and furniture in natural wood.